Bottle release


Beer Name: 13 Paces Barrel Aged Baltic Porter

ABV: 8.7%
Package: 750ml Bottle
Price: $20
Release Date: 05.31.19
Location: Wedge at Foundation
5 Foundy Street, Asheville, NC 28801

13 Paces: A Baltic Porter Story

Klaus Störtebeker. Remember that name. Not because he was a 14th century German pirate who plagued the Hanseatic League by pillaging merchant ships in and around the Baltic Sea. Not because he was a member of the Victual Brothers, a group of privateers who shared that wealth with the poor and needy, a veritable Robin Hood of the high seas. Not even because after being captured and tried for piracy with a host of his men, he negotiated the release of as many as he could walk past after being beheaded. His head lopped off, this dude strolled on by eleven of his crew before reality caught up to him on the twelfth stride. 

So, in tribute to the eleven men that were executed anyways, plus one for good ol' Klaus, we present our barrel aged Baltic Porter: 13 Paces. Yes, we one upped the legend himself. Aged for four months in wet Buffalo Trace barrels, 13 Paces hits on all the sumptuous notes of your best Almond Joy memories. Dark chocolate, almond, honey and coconut. … but that is not the most dangerous thing about this beer. It's smooth and warming, like the nacho cheese waterfall at your local $5 buffet. It's the Golden Corral of flavors and experience. You can choose your own adventure until you can't. Be careful with this one. Like Klaus, you might lose your head over it.

13 Paces bottles will be released at the Wedge at Foundation on Thursday, Dec. 21st. Foundation head brewer, Ian Leightner, selected the Baltic Porter for the barrel, as he wanted to barrel age a lager. Having brewed under Carl Melissas for two years, Ian learned the nuances of lagers from who he considers to be one of the best lager brewers in the country. In order to push Carl’s lager legacy forward, Ian chose barrel aging it in bourbon barrels. This is the first ever barrel aged beer from Wedge Brewing Company.